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File encryption in Laravel

When it is necessary to encrypt a string in Laravel, it is sufficient to use encrypt () helper and if you had the task of saving sensitive information to the database, then you have certainly used encrypt () helper. But what about encrypting readable files in Laravel?

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5 things to consider when developing a web-shop solution

Web development is complicated. Many aspects need to be considered in every project, from user experience to performance. The development of any business website is an extensive and complex process, and web shop solutions have their specific challenges. As users will come to the web-shop solution to learn about the products and offer and buy the same, the web development agency will want to do everything in their power to make this process easier and more intuitive. However, in addition to considering usability, here are a few other aspects of a web shop solution that you as a web shop owner or web development agency should consider during the development process.

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