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Reach new customers and clients with low operating costs and better quality of service. In addition to software web-shop solutions, we will also help you more clearly define the goals and strategy of your online business.

Lampa Webshop

Features and functionalities

  • Search and sort to make it easier to find categories
  • Manage categories and subcategories
  • Display categories within the menu or on the cover
  • Set the category to active or inactive
  • SEO optimization and unique URLs for categories
  • Manage category images
  • Manage category descriptions
  • Search and Sort
  • Easy product management and processing
  • Add and manage a product image and gallery
  • Word editor for processing product detail content
  • Set products as active and inactive
  • Assign products to one or more categories
  • Product brand selection
  • Add and manage attribute settings
  • Add and upload Youtube videos
  • SEO optimization and unique product URLs
  • Brand Management
  • Show brands on the front page
  • Set brands as active or inactive
  • SEO optimization and unique URLs for brands
  • Brand Logo Management
  • Manage brand descriptions
  • Manage pages and add new ones
  • Edit pages using Word Editor
  • Add images and manage existing images
  • Image Processing and Cropping Tool
  • Set pages as active and inactive
  • SEO optimization and unique URLs for all pages
  • Manage blog posts
  • Change the post date
  • Set blog posts as active and inactive
  • Edit blog post content and summary using Word editor
  • Add images and manage existing images
  • SEO optimization and unique URLs for all blog posts
Dynamic title tags & SEO
  • Manage title tags and structure
  • Configure dynamic title and META tags for categories
  • Configure dynamic title and META tags for brands
  • Configure dynamic product titles and META tags
  • Onsite SEO optimization
  • Search and sort users by first and last name
  • Manage User Accounts
  • View pre-order data
  • Delete user account
  • Reset user password
  • Export users to Excel
  • Export newsletter subscribers' emails to Excel
  • Search and sort orders by specific criteria
  • Manage and change order status
  • View order number and customer information
  • View order and payment details
  • View shipping address and residence on the map
  • Add and manage your own order statuses
  • Export orders to Excel
Payment options
  • Cash on delivery
  • Transfer payment
  • Pay by PayPal
  • Card payment via local systems
  • Card payments via foreign systems
Automatic emails
  • Manage the main email template
  • Automatically send and view orders in PDF
  • Manage order status email messages
Individual reports
  • Individual reports include: sales by time period, best-selling product, inventory by product number, and new customers by date
Banners on the cover
  • Banner Management
  • Banner Sorting System
  • Set a banner URL or leave it unlinked
Integration with ERP system
  • Synchronizing and linking prices to local stock
  • Synchronize and link quantities to local stock
  • Import orders into ERP
Administrative users
  • Add and delete administrative users with name, email and password

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